Case 2


I stood outside your practice in severe pain in  my shoulder. I decided to come inside for a free consultation, you diagnosed a frozen shoulder and it could be cured with acupuncture with massage. I had my treatment straightaway and the relief was unbelievable. I booked in for the next nine weeks for acupuncture and massage. My shoulder is now almost back to normal. I am now going every two weeks for treatment. I can't recommend the treatment too highly. I would recommend Dr Annie and her practice to anyone who has a medical problem.

Mrs. Y*** N***

Case 1


I have been having acupuncture since annie arrived in Newcastle, and I must admit I feel so much fitter. I have more energy, I play more golf now. 


I can recommend acupuncture to anyone, and Annie is a pleasant young lady. She makes you very welcome and so relaxed. I hope her business thrives.


Thanks Annie


R**** M****

I came to Annie with severe panic attacks. I was feeling very unwell and could no longer cope.


Annie did acupuncture and gave me some medication. I am now better with her help. She has been brilliant. Many thanks to Annie. She has also become a good friend I can trust.


J**** G*****

Case 3


I used to play a lots of sports and suffered tendinitis in my elbow, it was so painful that I had to give up golf, tennis, and even darts.  Friends from my  golf course recommended that I went to see Annie. She did acupuncture, acupressure and also applied some herbal oil on it. I can t believe the difference it made, I felt so much better! After three sessions, I am almost back to my old self again, it does not cause me any more pain to do sports.

M***** S******

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Pain problems/ arthritis

Case 4


I have been suffering from back pain for ages, I have been to chiropractors, physiotherapists, I have tried almost everything , the pain just did not get any better, It stopped me from doing many things, and even disturbed my sleep. The doctor told me that it’s due to my old age and wear and tear, I just had to live with it and keep taking pain killers.


A friend recommended me to see Annie as he has been getting a great benefit from her treatment, it turned out to be the best thing I have ever done. With just one session, the relief from the pain was unbelievable, I had a good sleep without being woken up by the pain which I haven’t had for years.


After a short course of treatment, the lasting pain has totally disappeared! I also have so much more energy again, so I started to play golf  which I had to give up years ago.  I can’t express my appreciation enough! I now still go to see Annie once a month for follow up treatment and consolidation. With this I can enjoy a good quality of life again without the torture of pain!

I** B*****


Case 1

I met my Mr. Right late in life. We got married and are so happy. We wanted to complete our family with a baby. However, there are issues with fertility in my family, all my sisters struggled to conceive. Plus the clock was ticking as I passed 40.  

We decided to go with IVF for a quick result. I had some blood tests in the IVF clinic and the doctor told me that based on the test  the success rate for me will be very very low and he recommended me using a  donor egg. However I still wanted our "own" baby in every aspect.

Through a recommendation, I went to Annie for some advice. she tailored a special treatment plan for me using acupuncture and Chinese herbs. This helped me to stimulate ovulation, balanced my hormone levels, improved my egg quality and helped the blood circulation in my Uterus . Her extremely caring and warm attitude gave me great support during that difficult time.

About 6 months later, I had IVF and got pregnant straight away! With my own egg! My doctor in the IVF clinic was amazed, he couldn't t believe it!  Now I have the most beautiful baby boy in my arms, he has made our life so complete and we are so happy with him! I really should say a big thanks to Annie! - S****F****


Case 2 

We decided we wanted a baby after a romantic wedding on a cruise. However, my age was against me. Everything seemed to be declining plus my work is very stressful which was not helping my hormone levels and timing of periods.  A friend recommended me to see Annie , she is so warm and caring. She answered all of my questions and gave me a treatment plan along with a diet and exercise plan to follow .I am so glad I chose to see her as  I have now got the most gorgeous twins(boy and girl) in my life, they make me so happy and proud. -  S**** B***

Skin problems/dermatitis

Case 1

I came to see Annie for my itching skin on my scalp, I could scratch it until it bled.  The doctor gave me some steroid cream but it didn’t work. He then said it might be a fungus, so he gave me an anti fungul cream, it didn’t  work either.

Annie carefully listened and examined me. She told me she  thought it was a nerve and stress related condition called neurodermatitis. She gave me some herbal medicine to be taken both oraly and externally. In only a weeks time the itching was almost gone, and the relief was just so incredible. Thank you so much, I really should have come earlier!

C***** F*****

Case 2 

I had psoriasis for many years and it's in my family. When it got worse, I was almost covered with it.  It was not just the itching and uncomfort, but it was also very embarrassing on my hands, scalp and even my face. I tried everything, all kinds of creams, an ultra violet lamp, tar shampoo, even steroid and immune suppressant tablets but it just did not get any better. Someone recommended that I went to see Annie to try some alternative medicine. I didn't expect too much in the beginning, but Annie clearly explained to me how psoriasis  starts, what can make it worse and what can make it better. She suggested I needed treat it from "inside" not just outside,I needed to treat the whole body and root cause, not just the symptoms. She gave me some herbal medicines, and also advised me to change my diet plan & avoid stress etc. In just a month my skin has been in the best condition it has been for years! I really appreciated what she did for me; it made my life so much more enjoyable!

B***** S*****

£10 for the consultation then £5 will go towards the cost of your 1st treatment