Chinese Medical Diagnosis

Chinese medical diagnosis is based on a detailed history and clinical examination which emphasises close inspection of the tongue and feeling the varied qualities of the pulse at different sites in the body. The clinical data gathered by the examinations will demonstrate the present condition of your internal organs and any blockages in energy flow as well as the obvious external condition. The examination or consultation is completely free and will be taken in a private consultation room. The doctor will then recommend a course of treatment of acupuncture or herbal medicine to heal the problem according to the TCM principles. This may be repeated at subsequent consultations because TCM holds that diseases change and develop constantly, taking on very specific characteristics in the course of the disease. If you think that acupuncture and Chinese Medicine could help you, but if you feel uncertain of committing yourself to having treatment, why don't you give us a call or E-mail to discuss your ailment or pop in and make an enquiry? 
£10 for the consultation then £5 will go towards the cost of your 1st treatment